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Canada is one of the wealthiest commonwealth countries with the highest standard of living. This Land is beautiful and very much diversified ethnically. This is a land of opportunities. You have opportunities to come to Canada on a visit, study, business, or as a permanent resident through various PR programs.

AD & BC provide realistic immigration services through licensed immigration lawyers and RCICs. We don’t offer any immigration services, but connects you to a trustworthy and regulated Immigration consultant or an attorney who is good standing and affordable generic service to every client. AD & BC connects you to the right people & organisations in your journey towards moving to another country and settling there.

Immigration is an investment process for your future and your generations. In any process ‘Time is money and knowledge is power’. We invest in people’s lives and we are focused on long lasting results. No one can guarantee you a visa to any country, it is completely based on the best efforts put by a knowledgeable consultant or lawyer along with the client’s proper preparation. We connects you to licensed and internationally trained consultants and solicitors based in Canada who are ready to support you in this extensive process to make sure the journey is smooth and without much surprises.

Note: AD & BC is not a regulated or licensed company to provide immigration services, we connects you to our partnered firms who are licensed to provide immigration services. All retainers are agreements to be made between clients and service providers.

Our process for every candidate is specific and involves three major steps.

Assessment and Initial Consultation

Man applying for visa in immigration office

Our immigration consultant will be doing an evaluation of your profile with your resume and assessment forms to decide on the best possible options and programs you can come to Canada. Following that, we will be scheduling an initial consultation for you and your spouse or any other decision making member with one of our immigration lawyers.

During this consultation, the RCIC member will be giving you advice, options, and the best possible programs for you to come to Canada, based on your profile and eligible requirements. Remember not everyone qualifies for express entry or every program. This has to be clearly evaluated and planned properly.

Meeting with potential investors

Signing retainer, preparation, documentation, application

Following the initial consultation with the immigration consultant, the candidate can decide to go ahead or not and which program to choose. Based on that our immigration team will send you a retainer to sign with an advance payment to start with your documentation, IELTS, academic credentials equivalency, application to various programs, or permits. Each client’s cost of application and professional fees will be completely based on the program they are applying for.

“We will walk with you through the process”, this is our promise. We provide services with our partners from IELTS coaching to after landing services.

For business immigration, we do take care of everything which includes business setup or partnership in Canada with existing firms or to start a new business.

Resettlement Services

Upon your visa approval, we have services offering the best airfares from your port of departure and airport picks up at the port of entry. We have exceptional services like initial days accommodation, finding a home for rental or buying, assisting in SIN number, health insurance, finding a job in Canada. Also, we do support starting a business at one point.

Available options to immigrate to CANADA


Programs for temporary stay in Canada

If you wish to come to Canada on a temporary basis, you can come as either a visitor, a student or a worker, assuming, of course, that you meet eligibility requirements.
Group study for school assignment

Study Permits

Getting Visitor Visa Rejection At Office

Temporary Resident (Visitor) Visas

business approved stamp, permit document and certificate concept

Work Permits

If you are looking forward to move to Canada for Immigration, Study or Business, Please feel free to contact us for further detail and process.