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Our team of professionals can do an analysis of your business/ organisation or process to give creative solutions and innovative ideas to develop business and improve production.

We bring productive changes by finding the root causes and provide solutions and helps to execute those measures in place. We do develop smart applications and automation with the support of AI to transform your business to a new face or to bring out a revolutionary product or procedure to the market.
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Innovative Projects And Start-Ups

If you are an investor, looking forward to invest in some revolutionary ideas and projects, please contact us to know more about the projects in stock, waiting for the right investor. All our projects are not based on myths or anything based on potential outcomes based on irrelevant calculations. All our projects are service-oriented and directly linked with day to day life of today’s lifestyle, Most of them are locally focussed and internationally valued.

We believe in the type of businesses that will be operating in front of you physically and growing like a tree. We will sow the seed and make sure they grow and bear fruits. Once we set up these projects, either we can run the business and You can be an investor who is looking for returns or an owner-operator who wants to run the show, depending on your situation and passion.

Investments - Commercial, New Homes, Estate Homes, Custom Built Homes

We do have a database of hundreds of new immigrants, potential new home buyers, and business investors who are already in Canada and those who are going to come in the next couple of years. Almost everyone needs a home as well as looking for investmen

We do work with real estate agents and new home builders and commercial building companies to get the best deals for you. Thus both the parties are mutually benefitted. We continuously work with many partners across Canada. This is an equal opportunity for builders as well as investors. We guide our clients to become debt free in Canada through wise decisions and proper planning within a short span of years. Our alliances are best in the market. From Mortgage agents to property management companies.

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Immigration Services

AD & BC provide realistic immigration services through licensed immigration lawyers and RCICs. We don’t offer any immigration services, but connects you to a trustworthy and regulated Immigration consultant or an attorney who is good standing and affordable generic service to every client. AD & BC connects you to the right people & organisations in your journey towards moving to another country and settling there.

Immigration is an investment process for your future and your generations. In any process ‘Time is money and knowledge is power’. We invest in people’s lives and we are focused on long lasting results. No one can guarantee you a visa to any country, it is completely based on the best efforts put by a knowledgeable consultant or lawyer along with the client’s proper preparation. We connects you to licensed and internationally trained consultants and solicitors based in Canada who are ready to support you in this extensive process to make sure the journey is smooth and without much surprises.

Aviation – Technical Consulting & Support

We are excited to disclose to potential investors/ Partners about one of our revolutionary project in Aviation engineering and maintenance control program, which can control and give much value to Global aviation maintenance challenges with help of technology, AI and network.

Recent projects includes acceptance check and test flight for our airline customer’s newly bought lease return aircraft. Ongoing projects including new aerospace business project consulting for foreign investor in Canada.

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Contact us today, if you or your company is looking for a solution or if you have an innovative idea to develop.